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Latest Course-Understand Software Basics

ViewSoft’s brings every month new course. You will not only internalize the core concepts, also learn the high-tech standards of the US companies. There are enough hands-on labs for your practical implementations, real-world project work, periodical exams, in-person care, interview preparations, etc. Course Title: Understand Software Basics Course will cover: 1. Programming Basics 2. SQL basics Read more about Latest Course-Understand Software Basics[…]

IT Training, Job & Sponsorship in the USA – ViewSoft Inc

ViewSoft Inc. offers a high standard technology training for those who like to build their IT career in the US market. This includes online training, on ground training, one to one training, crash course, on-demand training, etc. With a great number of expert instructors, you can be an expert in your desired technologies. Some of Read more about IT Training, Job & Sponsorship in the USA – ViewSoft Inc[…]

Be a good team member

Some professionals are doing great in work place, while others not. Today’s industry is very complex, almost everywhere single effort is nothing, rather collective effort is required. So one of the major reason of success is to be a good team member. There are some do’s and dont’s a professional should follow. Lets talk about Read more about Be a good team member[…]

How to prepare for a Job Interview

Job interview is always plays an important role to the job seeker’s mind. Sometimes nervousness, not answering to the point, not having an organized resume, etc result failure in the interview. Here are some tips to overcome this problem – 1. Be fresh before interview. 2. Be ready with your resume, to answer each and Read more about How to prepare for a Job Interview[…]