May 24, 2017

Software Development

Software Development

Build your system your way!

ViewSoft Inc. offers you any combination of the followings –

– A fully qualified Software Development team
– A fully qualified Mobile app development
– A fully qualified Software QA Testing team
– A fully qualified Mobile App Testing team
– Full automated testing and reporting for your web application
– Full development environment in cloud (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, etc.)
– A complete DevOps solution
– Complete source code management
– Software/System upgrade or partial improvement
– A partial team who will work with your team
– A complete maintenance solution
– ETL process and Reporting solution
– Smoke testing, regression testing, load testing, stress testing, etc.
– Aligned team with your agile methodology
and many more..

An example of software development service ViewSoft provides can be the following combination –
– Software dev and QA team
– A cloud solution (Amazon/Azure/Rackspace/etc.)
– Mobile app dev and QA team
– ETL Process and Reporting solution
– A Complete DevOps infrastructure
– Big data solution
– Maintenance
– Training
– Handover

ViewSoft maintain multiple high profile team with expert software engineers who are committed to deliver excellence. The teams are –

– .NET Team
– Java Team
– UI Team
– Big Data Team
– BI Team
– Cloud Team
– QA Team
– Mobile team

ViewSoft can also create any custom team for your need. ViewSoft can arrange a shared or dedicated team that suits you most. No matter how complex your idea is, ViewSoft can make it real.

ViewSoft covers wide range of business industries. Some areas are –
– Healthcare
– Loan and Mortgage
– Banking
– Financial Instruction
– Manufacturing
– Insurance
– Travel & Airlines
– Telecom
– New & Media
– Retails shops
– Construction company
– Etc.

Please feel free to Contact ViewSoft with your specific need.