May 24, 2017


Online Training

Be an expert in your way!

If you would like to be an IT Expert, ViewSoft offers the following complete courses –

– .NET Selenium SDET
– Full Stack .NET Developer
– Java Selenium SDET
– Java Developer
– Oracle
– Business Analyst
– QA Tester in .NET
– QA Tester in Java
– Mobile application testing
and many more…

If you would like to learn something specific, here are plenty of courses for you –

– Basic Programming with C#
– Object Oriented Programming
– HTML & CSS Essentials
– JavaScript Essentials
– ASP.NET MVC Essential
– MS SQL Server Essential
– Bootstrap responsive UI
– Angular JS
– jQuery
– Android App Development
– iOS app development
– Selenium WebDriver testing
– Learn TDD
– Learn BDD
.. and many more.

You can also have your own choice of training –

– Single person training
– Small group training
– Large group training

If anything above yet does not suit you, please Contact ViewSoft with your specific requirement. We would love to help you in your way.